Bunches and bunches of blooms

This week I thought I’d write a little bit about some of my favourite blooms – the ones that I can’t resist at the flower market, and have become mainstays in my bouquets. Of course it depends on the time of the year and what’s in season.  If flowers are bought out of season, you can be pretty sure they have traveled a long way before they get to you and probably won’t last as long either!

These photos include some of my favourite Winter mainstays …

Campanula, delphinium, hyacinths, moluca balm, narcissus, poppies, sea holly, stock, sweet peas, tulips.

Australian native flowers are abundant at this time of the year and the ones shown in this photo are banksias and wax flower.  So pretty and colourful!


If this has got you inspired and excited to order some lovely seasonal blooms, you can order  by clicking on this link to take you directly to my online shop

https://gardenbirdflowers.com.au/shop/  or just email, text or phone me at any time.

Bunches are wrapped in brown Kraft paper, tied with a ribbon, include a handwritten Gardenbird card and are delivered promptly to anywhere in Brisbane.

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